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NYC has a legislation proposed that would ban cat calls (street harassment of women). I'm all for lessening the street harassment that women experience daily, but would a law infringe on free speech? Thoughts?
I agree, such a law doesn't help with the root of the problem. Sometimes you have to start with the surface level, but in this case, the men could just go to a separate part of the city and cat call from there. I just don't think it would be very effective to enact such a law.
is speech that is inherently disrespectful & in a lot of cases creates fear considered hate speech? it's meant to incite, isn't it? i don't know.
It's a complicated case. Most people seem to think that it infringes on free speech. Plus what good is a zone where they can't cat call, they can just go to another section of the city and cat call from there.