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NYC has a legislation proposed that would ban cat calls (street harassment of women). I'm all for lessening the street harassment that women experience daily, but would a law infringe on free speech? Thoughts?
I have my doubts bans help much as long as you don't create a society that doesn't have such a negative view of women - which many women support by acting exactly as is expected by them - cheap, dull and only trying to please guys by wearing skimpy and uncomfortable clothing. I don't have any problem with the fre speech thing (though I can't really judge as I don't know the details of the legislation) because free speech can't mean that anyone can voice their sexist or racist bullshit opinions. While sexist remarks are usually not accepted (depends on where you are I guess), sexist jokes and remarks are tolerated and when a guy is opposed to it it's questioned if he's really a proper guy... I can only speak of what I have experienced here though but I doubt it is any better in the States. What would you say?
I agree, such a law doesn't help with the root of the problem. Sometimes you have to start with the surface level, but in this case, the men could just go to a separate part of the city and cat call from there. I just don't think it would be very effective to enact such a law.
is speech that is inherently disrespectful & in a lot of cases creates fear considered hate speech? it's meant to incite, isn't it? i don't know.
It's a complicated case. Most people seem to think that it infringes on free speech. Plus what good is a zone where they can't cat call, they can just go to another section of the city and cat call from there.