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Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

I think this is a great question! If people saw my bookshelves, they would think:
1. She really likes to read.
2. She mostly likes non-fiction.
3. She likes self-help, religious and dating books a lot.
4. I wonder how many of these books she's actually read...
5. How does she find the time to read all of these books?
Wow you're a non-fiction person eh? I always mean to read more non-fiction but I never get around to it, what with all the fiction I read taking up the time and all.
Yep, I've been reading mostly non-fiction for several years. Usually when I read fiction, it's for a book club. I have lots of fiction books I have yet to read, but for some reason, I tend to put the non-fiction ones first.